Membership Requirements

In general, all members must publish or broadcast film reviews under their own names or bylines. “Student” 

memberships must meet the age requirement of eighteen years of age. To preserve membership in good 

standing, members must pay annual dues and participate in the NTFCA annual award opinion poll.

Members must qualify under at least one of the three membership categories listed below:

1. PRINT: Reviews must include the member’s byline and appear in one or more recognized publications with a 

minimum circulation of 3,000.

Members must release a minimum average of 3 reviews per month or 36 individual reviews annually and must 

remain current. It is the intent of the NTFCA that members give a rating and/or opinion within their review of all 

films. A short synopsis (under 200 words) is insufficient to qualify as a “review”.

When a publication contains reviews by more than one reviewer, an individual contributor must publish at least 

twenty-­five reviews annually to meet the minimum membership requirements.

2. BROADCAST: Members must broadcast on a regular basis, either on commercial, public radio and/or 

television. The member must customarily broadcast commentary on newly released films in one or more 

segments each week.

3. INTERNET: A member must publish on a site of professional quality as determined by committee. Each 

member must post reviews averaging at least three per month containing at least 250 words per review for a 

minimum of 90 days (3 months) prior to membership. They must remain current by publishing, on average, at 

least three film reviews per month thereafter.

If a site hosts reviews by more than one reviewer, to be considered for membership, each individual reviewer 

must meet the above requirements.

January, but preferably at the annual meeting, normally held in December of each year. New members joining 

during the year will be charged on a prorated basis. All monies collected will be expended on the costs of, but 

not limited to, establishing and maintaining the association website, preparing and disseminating screening and 

release calendars, and costs associated with year­-end film ballots and awards. The Board President also may 

authorize the expenditure of funds for “reasonable” costs for the Annual Meeting / Awards Event.

AUXILIARY MEMBERS: This category is created for those individuals who routinely assist regular members 

(their sponsor) with research, drafts, or provide similar assistance on a regular basis. Dues for auxiliary 

members are $5 annually due by January 1st of each year. They normally will be accompanied to screenings 

by their sponsor, though on some occasions, such as conflicting screenings, etc., they may attend in the 

sponsor’s absence. They may hold neither elected office nor vote in any election of officers or award balloting.

New members will serve a 6 month probation period, after which their body of work will be reviewed by the 

membership committee.

MAINTENANCE OF MEMBERSHIP: An annual review of all members will be conducted by the end of each 

calendar year and any member failing to meet the requirements will be placed on an inactive list and he or she 

must reapply for membership.

AMENDMENTS and RULE CHANGES: Revisions to membership requirements may be proposed by any 

member in writing to the, Vice ­President, or the Secretary of the NTFCA. Approval of any and all 

changes will require the approval of at least 51% of the membership via email or proxy.



ELECTIONS: The membership shall elect the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and 

Treasurer. In the event a position becomes vacant at any time, the President shall appoint a replacement to 

serve for the remainder of the term. Each general member will receive notification of any upcoming election and 

the candidate receiving the highest number of votes of the voting membership present during the Annual 

Meeting/Awards Event in December or by proxy will be elected.

The President is responsible for conducting all NTFCA meetings. The President shall represent the NTFCA at 

all functions or may appoint a delegate to represent the NTFCA. The President shall appoint a replacement for 

any vacancy occurring on any committee.

The Vice­President shall act as aide to the President and will perform the duties of the President in his/her 


The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the membership and record the minutes of all general 

membership meetings. The secretary shall read the minutes of the previous meeting at each meeting when 

asked by the president.

The Treasurer shall be in charge of all monies received on behalf of the NTFCA and disburse monies owed by 

the association when needed.

The intention of every member is to promote and work towards the continuation of THE NORTH TEXAS FILM 

CRITICS ASSOCIATION within the legal limits of the laws of city, county, state, and federal entities. 

Application for Membership in the North Texas Film Critics Association