Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor is a life-long film lover and writes about movies at Why is he known as The Forgetful Film Critic, you ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple. He has a really, really, really bad memory. He’s notorious for asking for information that was given to him just days (OK, sometimes hours) prior. This becomes particularly frustrating during a conversation about movies, when he tries to recall trivia or information that should be at his fingertips, but eludes him because of his terrible memory.

Josh believes film is the most powerful art form, and that it has something profound to teach us about the human condition. Unfortunately, he’s often times so overwhelmed by this possibility that it intimidates him into anxiety attacks, making it hard to write anything meaningful about them at all. He’s the quintessential blow hard about art films, films over 40 years old, and basically any movie the average person would watch and think, “What a waste of time THAT was.” He also owns a copy of The Film Snob’s Dictionary. All of the preceding does not, however, preclude him from enjoying movies like Dumb and Dumber.

Outside of his interest in movies, Josh is also an avid runner, hiker, and outdoors enthusiast. He has run over ten half marathons, one full marathon, and he is currently working on a goal of visiting all 59 of America’s National Parks.

Josh believes the question "What's your favorite movie?" is ridiculous, since the endless variety of them in existence can make the answer change on an hourly basis. But, if you put a gun to his head, the first thing he would probably blurt out would be Taxi wait! Brazil!! Vertigo!!!