Anthony "Ant" Johnson

Anthony “Ant” Johnson is a film critic who writes film reviews as well as
hosts his own web show called “The Movie Bruthas” where he and his co-host
provide an “infotainment” style of film reviews. He partnered with fellow
film critic Kevin “Kev” Daniels to form the show over 4 years ago and they
haven’t looked back since.  They always get the question, “do you only
review black films” and the answer is absolutely not!  He reviews all
types of films from shorts, documentaries, and features. In particular he
loves documentaries.  Ant is a member of North Texas Film Critics
Association as well as African American Film Critics Association.  He
earned is Bachelor's degree from The University of Texas at Austin and his
MBA from Texas Christian University.

 His film reviews can most often be
seen by going to his website or their YouTube
channel He’s very active on social media
so follow him on Instagram/Twitter @themoviebruthas and Facebook search
The Movie Bruthas.

Anthony "Ant" Johnson